Keeping Your Newsroom Relevant in the Web 2.0 World

Keeping Your Newsroom Relevant in the Web 2.0 World

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Online newsrooms have not received great grades for providng the features journalists  expect and want from a corporate news hub.

In January 2009 usabiity expert Jakob Nielsen found that although research shows just how important an online newsroom is to journalists, most  PR sections of corporate sites fail to support journalists in their quest for the facts, information, and contacts when they are writing stories about companies and their products.

The rise of social media has only increased this problem.

Conversations, recommendations and decisions are now taking place as a result of content in social sites. The corporate website is in danger of becoming irrelvant, says Jeremiah Owyang,industry analyst at the Altimeter Group. 

Recent research conducted by PRESSfeed shows that although  an increasing number of companies in the US are adopting social media as part of their PR activity, very few are integrating this content with  their online newsroom.

Just over 70 percent of the PR pracititioners surveyed in January 2011 stated that they intend to upgrade their newsroom with social features this year and 52 percent plan to build the features in-house.

Companies like Intel have done an excellent job of integating their social content with their newsroom, but it took a year of research and almost another year of development.

If you are considering upgrading your newsroom this year take a look at the demo of the PRESSfeed social media newsroom.

We'll be at the PRSA Western District conference in Las Vegas on April 28, 2011. Come to the session on social media newsrooms and connect with us at the exhibit table.

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Framework for Making a Website Relevant

Roadmap for the social corporate website developed by Jeremiah Owyang,industry analyst at the Altimeter Group


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PRESSfeed is the brainchild of a couple of veterans in the PR and technology fields. As socia media content proliferates on the Web it is more and more important to have your content in many places and to house a hub of your news and social content on your website. 

PRESSfeed can have your newsroom transformed into a fully functional social media newsroom in days.

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