Book Review - The Business of Influence

Book Review - The Business of Influence

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The way you influence your stakeholders and how they respond to you, to each other and to competitors, ought to be an area of competitive advantage - every business should have their own approach rather than a templated formula, writes Sheldrake in The Business of Influence.


Rather than following the latest "hot" idea, companies ought to be asking "so what?"  Sheldrake has used the idea of the Balanced Scorecard and created an Influence Scorecard for use in social media and PR.



Here are some of the questions the book addresses:

1. Following the rise and rise of social media, how can we make sense of the noise in our marketplace to help us achieve our objectives and beat our competitors?
2. How should the influence processes permeate the organization more systematically and measurably, accruing its practitioners more authority and accountability in the boardroom?
3. What big trends must everyone in the business of influence get to grips with?
4. Who does this stuff? What traits and skills are demanded of the modern practitioner?

Put this one on yourDigital PR  reading list for the summer.

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“Not measuring PR smacks of professional incompetence. Anyone that says PR can’t be measured just hasn’t investigated it in a professional manner,” said Sheldrake.

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