CVB Websites and Online Newsrooms Lack Social Media Features

CVB Websites and Online Newsrooms Lack Social Media Features

Core Facts

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Pasadena, CA – Wednesday June 8, 2011 – Travel and destination marketers are fast realizing that search and social media play an increasingly important role in their success. Although the industry has had a couple of tough years, the number of US consumers researching and booking travel online is still growing. More than 114 million people will research travel online this year, and 93.9 million will book a trip online.

Social media is a 'top eight' driver of traffic for 78% of travel sites according to the latest L2 Digital IQ Index for travel . This applies just as much to destination marketers.

PRESSfeed, the social media newsroom, studied the websites of Convention and Visitor Bureaus in California and discovered that although 85% use at least one form of social media, there is a big gap in the integration of these social channels and the tendency of people reaching travel information to share content with friends and colleagues.

California CVBs

85% are on Facebook
76% are on Twitter
51% have a YouTube channel
38% have a blog

Only 28% have links to their social profiles on their website and 24% provide tools that allow sharing of the content on the website or encourage visitors to ‘like’ or follow them in social media.

Online Newsrooms

82% of the CVBs have an online newsroom, but again the use of social media tools leaves room for improvement. According to Pew Research Center, “While news search was the one factor that impacted news most in the last decade, social media sharing of news content will be one of the factors that affects it most in the next decade.”

Journalists today are requesting news in a social media news release with multimedia  elements.  Very few CVBs are providing this format in thier newsrooms.

42% connect to their social content from the newsroom but  less than a quarter (21%) offer sharing tools or Like buttons for Facebook.

Images and Videos

A recent update of the Global Web Index shows that the number one activity for people interested in travel is “watched a video online.” Online recommendations and ways to see and experience the venue or destination were rated highest for influencing a travel purchase. CVB websites are not taking advantage of these trends either:

54% have an image gallery and just 28% have a video gallery.

Images and video can increase your media coverage too - 85% of online media sites are using video with stories and journalists are embracing social media to find story ideas, experts and sources. In three separate surveys in the US and the UK, journalists say they want images and video with news releases and they need embed codes with these assets, but PR people are not giving them the resources they need. CVB newsrooms are sadly lacking in this regard:

3% have embed codes for images and videos and only 2% are using the social media format for releases..

What can upgrading their online newsroom do for a CVB?

The Winston-Salem CVB in North Carolina incorporated social media features in their newsroom just over a year ago and added images, videos, sharing tools and feeds.

"The social media newsroom has increased our media exposure markedly and that has not only transferred into positive visibility for our destination, but has helped increase visitation to our industry partners as well," said Casey Hough, Marketing and Media Manager, Visit Winston Salem

To take advantage of the trend for social media influencing media coverage and travel purchases, CVBs need to close the gap between having a presence in social media and actually producing content that allows people to experience their destination and share that content with others.

Contact PRESSfeed for an online demo of the social media newsroom 626 793 4911

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Winston Salem Newsroom

Winston Salem Newsroom

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