The Power of Passion Conversations Around a Brand

The Power of Passion Conversations Around a Brand

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Geno Church of Brains on Fire is one of the authors of The Passion Conversation.

With more and more brands looking to build strong relationships with their community and successfully launch products to that community, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to explore all of their marketing options, both off and online, says Church.

“Advertising prompts only 22% of conversations people have about a brand,” said Church.  “That means 78% of conversations about brands aren’t related to advertising. That’s a giant playground of touchpoints.  If we understand why people talk, we have a greater chance of inspiring them to talk. Brands can bring people together, we can connect customers with other customers who share a passion.” 

Brands must embrace and encourage people talking in private settings. The power of that conversation is invaluable, as consumers want brands to see them as a family member or friend.



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