Why an Online News Hub is Google Panda Food

Why an Online News Hub is Google Panda Food

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Late in July there were rumours and rumblings in the SEO community about a new Panda update. After a few weeks of speculation Google announced that they had startd rolling out another update. This is the first major update to Panda since it was introduced in 2011. In an interview with Search Engine Land Google said that although Panda is a site-wide aciton, some pages or sections of a site could perform better than others.This update focuses on :consistent updates and topical authority.

Your newsroom could be the perfect vehicle to rank well – if it has the kind of content Google likes and is not just a list of links to PDF releases.

Watch this webinar to find out how to make your online newsroom into Panda food.


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Newsrooms and Panda Webinar

A good online news hub with rich content is the best vehicle to tell a brand story and meet the criteria of the latest Google Panda update


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