Social Media Press Release Made Easy For PR Profesionals

Social Media Press Release Made Easy For PR Profesionals

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Sally Falkow, President, PRESSfeed Co. 323 882 8125

  • Journalists prefer facts in a news release
  • Social media is ramping up rapidly
  • Social media features make a press release easy to share and syndicate
  • Although a template was proposed by Todd Defren of Shift Communications, PR people found it difficut to implement
  • News content needs to go on a company's website as well as on a wire service
  • Online news should be syndicated in an RSS feed for maximum exposure

Purpose built Page RSS RSS feed


"PR professionals need an easy way to implement social media features in their news content. PRESSfeed makes it as easy as working in Word and freeds the PR department or agency frorn IT and webmasters."

Sally Falkow, (APR) President and co-developer of PRESSfeed

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PRESSfeed is a content syndication service specifically designed to assist PR professionals to implement online PR and social media features.

RSS feed for news stories

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