Search Marketing and Web Design Firm Enables RSS Content Syndication for Clients

Search Marketing and Web Design Firm Enables RSS Content Syndication for Clients

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Grantastic Designs, a leading web design and search engine marketing firm, has chosen PRESSfeed as their strategic partner to provide RSS feeds, web content syndication and social media options for their clients.

"Successful site development and marketing is a careful process, not a series of gimmicks, shortcuts or quick fixes," said Grant Crowell, CEO and founder of Grantastic Designs. "We focus on building a solid foundation to achieve a continuous stream of targeted web traffic, increased conversions, and revenue. RSS feeds and content syndication is rapidly becoming a major element in this equation. Our partnership with PRESSfeed will further build on our clients success for highly targeted quality traffic, and now with even faster results."

The recent BlueStreak study showed that RSS adoption is, in fact, much higher than previously thought. The study showed that 28 percent of web users now read RSS feeds. Jupiter Research reports that 30 percent of large companies are providing RSS feeds on their web content due to customer demand.

"These figures will rise dramatically in 2007," said Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed. "Now that Internet Explorer 7 is out and reading feeds finally is really simple, web content syndication and sharing of content in the social media environment is fast becoming an essential part of search engine marketing. Smart SEO/SEM agencies are putting this piece of the puzzle in place now."

About Grantastic Designs:
As the leading experts on search-engine friendly web design and site architecture, Grantastic Designs is the only search marketing firm to also carry certified usability specialists on staff. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, international businesses, small businesses, accredited education establishments, and non-profit organizations. Some of their more recognized clients include: Microsoft, Sears, HSBC, WebMD, Verizon, HarperCollins, Thomson Financial, Deloitte & Touche, Nissan, the National Cancer Institute, The Wharton School of Business, and the search engines themselves.

About PRESSfeed:
PRESSfeed is a web content syndication tool that RSS-enables web content. PRESSfeed publishes the content to the client’s website, syndicates it in a feed and adds social media elements to make the content interactive and Web 2.0 friendly – without the need for IT involvement. PRESSfeed clients can add news content, educational product articles, product updates, or new inventory without any technical knowledge. PRESSfeed is being used by corporations to increase search engine visibility, drive new traffic to the website and improve customer relationships.

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