Content Syndication In RSS Feeds Boosts SEO Rankings

Content Syndication In RSS Feeds Boosts SEO Rankings

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PASADENA, CA – January 14th 2007 – The SEO division of Irvine-based marketing agency Brilliant Blue has selected PRESSfeed as their RSS and content syndication provider. A recent BlueStreak study shows that RSS adoption figures are even higher than previously thought – 29 percent of web users now read RSS feeds.

According to wording in Google’s patent application (U.S. Patent Application # 20050071741) ‘documents for which there is an increase in the rate of change might be scored higher than those documents for which there is a steady rate of change.’ In other words, even well-optimized content needs to be periodically refreshed in order to maintain top search engine rankings.

“We believe that syndication of articles and newsletters contributes significantly to the overall SEO strategy,” said Nikki Jackson, who joined Brilliant Blue in December to help expand their Search Engine Marketing Division and work with other divisions within the agency to develop Internet marketing and search engine optimization strategies for Brilliant Blue clients. “PRESSfeed has a unique combination of Web 2.0 elements in their system that produces excellent organic search ranking.”

“Brilliant Blue clients can now create RSS feeds and syndicate news online with a look and feel that exactly matches their website. It also gives them the social media elements needed for the Web 2.0 environment - such as tagging and social bookmarking,” said Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed. “Adding content syndication to their SEO mix offers their clients a cutting edge tool that will increase search ranking, drive traffic and build valuable inbound links.”

About PRESSfeed
PRESSfeed is a web content syndication tool that publishes new content to the client’s website, syndicates it in a feed and adds social media elements to make the content interactive and Web 2.0 friendly – without the need for IT involvement. PRESSfeed clients can add news content, educational product articles, product updates, or new inventory without any technical knowledge. PRESSfeed is being used by corporations to increase search engine visibility, drive new traffic to the website and improve customer relationships. 




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