Creating RSS feeds a popular SEO tactic

Creating RSS feeds a popular SEO tactic

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A year ago at SES there was no session on SEO through blogs and feeds.  This new session was jam packed and there was standing room only and by a show of hands 99% of the audience is blogging.

While blogging has caught the imagination of the public and corporate marketing departments, creating RSS Feeds for the content on your website is still a step behind.  Yet this is probably a tactic more suited to marketing and PR since you can use RSS feeds for any kind of content - it doesn't have to be the 'authentic personal voice' of one person.

You can use feeds for all kinds of content

Google recently made it clear that they are rewarding updated, fresh content with better rankings.  Placing new content in a feed will meet this requirement. Our case studies show that regular, optimized articles in an RSS Feed definitely boost your SEO efforts

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