News feed adoption - Forrester study

News feed adoption - Forrester study

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RSS adoption among consumers is at 11% up from just 2% of users three years ago, according to a new study form Forrester Reasearch.

Steve Rubel of Edelman says in a blog post:

" That might be all she wrote for RSS' growth track. While feed adoption may have crested the idea of online opt-in communications is just getting going. The Facebook newsfeed, Twitter and Friendfeed are perfect examples of opt-in vehichles that bring content you care about to you. In each case, you're total in control. You can unsubscribe from individuals or groups and tailor the stream so that what you want finds you. "

What powers those feeds? RSS.

Here is some info about Twitterfeed.

Friendfeed is using RSS: "All of the API requests that output feeds are available in four formats: JSON, a simple form of XML, RSS 2.0, and Atom 1.0. JSON is the default output format. To request a different output format, simply add an format= argument to the URL:

Even MyYahoo and iGoogle pages us RSS to add content.  In fact the Yahoo study done on RSS back in 2005 found that when you asked people if they used RSS they  inevitably answered no  But when you follow their clickstream they are using RSS - they just dont know that they are. 

In much the same way as if you asked someone if they use TCP/IP they'd say no.  But you use it every time you go online.  And if you asked if they had used SMTP today I'll bet they'd say no ,or they don't know.  And that's your email. 

"This is trying to tell me that 78% of all online users have never visited a blog or aggregation site that uses RSS in a widget, blogroll, news scroller, or a variety of other technical items," commented Barry Hurd. on the MicroPersuasion blog. "I think that a majority of respondents probably do not know they are looking at or interacting with an RSS feed. For instance, I am here on the blog looking at your FriendFeed; which is entirely based on RSS. I couldn't have the benefit of knowing your information unless you took the time to setup RSS feeds from the various services. I would say that this metric is highly flawed."

I agree.

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