Top 100 American newspapers use RSS?

Top 100 American newspapers use RSS?

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RSS makes sense for most content publishers and users, so it's no big surprise that the top 100 newspapers offer their content in a feed.

Josh Catone of SitePoInt says RSS is good for users:

  • It’s a lot easier to read multiple publications on a more regular basis when they’re delivered to you.
  • Data and content delivered by RSS can be mashed up in a new and interesting ways that reveal previously unnoticed or inaccessible conclusions.

And it's good for publishers too:

  • RSS makes it easier for people to track multliple sources, casual readers who would likely only read your publication once in awhile or not visit at all will be more apt to become regular readers.
  • RSS enables mashups that expose your content in new and interesting ways, and will ultimately drive more traffic, readers, and brand recognition.

Google's Zeitgeist list for 2008 released shows that  What is RSS? is one of the top ten most asked quesitons.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, burst on the scene several years ago and has gained popularity with consumers, marketers and publishers. Consumers use RSS to subscribe to content they like and publishers have learned that adding their content to feeds increases their search visibility and drives traffic to their sites.

Although some studies say the adoption of RSS is low and confined to the tech savvy amongst us, a Yahoo! study showed that when you ask someone if they use RSS they tend to say no, but if you track their click stream they are in fact reading content in feeds. They just don't know what RSS is.

And that's borne out by the increasing number of people searching What is RSS?

Most social media applications use RSS, so the rising numbers of Americans who go to sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter are all using feeds. And the fact that "What is RSS?" is on the top ten list of questions searched in 2008 indicates that Americans are aware of RSS and they want to know more about it.

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