Optimizing Press Releases Made Easy with PRESSfeed Toolbar

Optimizing Press Releases Made Easy with PRESSfeed Toolbar

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The shift in media consumption is accelerating - according to the Newspaper Association of America 43.6 percent of all U. S. internet users visit newspaper websites.

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Nielsen’s figures for March show that each of the top three news destination on the Web (MSNBC, CNN and Yahoo!News) individually each drew more than half the unique visitors of the entire newspaper industry. Year-over-year, MSNBC grew 9 percent, CNN 4 percent, and Yahoo!News 16 percent.

The majority of PR professionals are aware of this trend and the need to optimize press releases and news content for search – 75 percent are adding keywords to the headline and body of their news content.

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But there is much more to optimizing a release for search.
To help PR people understand the optimization process so that they can reach this online audience, PRESSfeed, a content syndication and social media tool, has developed a free toolbar and instruction sheet that puts all the technical information needed, along with tips, tricks and tools for news optimization, in one convenient place.

The toolbar links to an instruction sheet on the PRESSfeed website that has detailed information about how to optimize a press release for maximum search visibility and pick up. It includes how to do keyword research and spot search trends. It also has all the tools and websites needed to do the steps in the instructions.

The toolbar is available as a free download on the PRESSfeed website

PRESSfeed toolbar


Marketing Sherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Survey:

• 75% of PR and marketing professionals use keyword in the headline and body of the text
• 38% insert meta tags

The Newspaper Association of America first quarter 2009 audience data release:
• 43.6% of the US Internet population get their news online
• First quarter traffic to newspaper Web sites was reported as 73.3 million unique visitors (average per month) by Nielsen
• Each of the top three news destination on the Web (MSNBC, CNN and Yahoo!News) individually each drew more than half the unique visitors of the entire newspaper industry in March 2009. Year-over-year, MSNBC grew 9 percent, CNN 4 percent, and Yahoo!News 16 percent.

Another element of the toolbar is an indepth guide to crafting a social media news release, the format most requested by journalists and bloggers.

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How to Optimize News Content - PRESSfeed Toolbar Demo

The PRESSfeed Toolbar has all the information and tools you to guide you through optimizing your news content for search - press releases,images and videos. This video gives you a demo on how the toolbar works and how to get it.


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“Optimizing news content for search is no longer a choice,” says Sally Falkow, co- developer of PRESSfeed and the new toolbar. “In the last year the number of people who get their news online has passed the number who read newspapers. The majority of those who do go online for news do a search. We developed this toolbar so that PR and marketing people can have easy access to the tools they need to improve their optimizing skills and reach this online audience.”

“It’s very timely, and a welcome innovation,” said Dana Todd, CMO of Newsforce. “Companies like PRESSfeed are making it easier for PR professionals to integrate digital strategies into their normal workflow. It’s helpful to have tools that are uniquely aligned with PR goals and tactics, which are often quite different than marketing and sales.”

"The PressFeed toolbar provides an easy, non-obtrusive tool that I use regularly to prepare, submit and track my clients press across the Internet," stated Mark Moline, Managing Partner at IRTH Communications, LLC in Santa Monica, CA. "The clever integration of Google's search, trend and analytics tools; and, press release optimization and key word selection, makes it easy for me to create a compelling press release that will get the placement my clients need."

"Using the tools offered in PressFeed, a recent press release we disseminated on behalf of a client received a response rate unlike anything we had done previously. We received numerous press inquiries, requests for interviews and a tremendous increase in channel views on the client's YouTube channel," added Moline

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PRESSfeed is an online newsroom with social media features that makes it easy for PR professionals and business owners to post news and social content to their corporate websites. All news releases, images and videos can be distributed to the social web in feeds and can quickly and easily be shared on social networking sites.

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