News feeds facilitate customer dialog

News feeds facilitate customer dialog

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Business owners and marketing folk are looking for the best strategies to help them survive a cooling economy. Cutting budgets is one everyone’s mind , but marketing is one area of the business that needs very clever planning. Cost effective online strategies, such as using news feeds in RSS to stay connected to your customers and stakeholders, could be a big winner in 2009.


Brands that fail to embrace and engage in online consumer dialog are set be among those most severely affected by an economic downturn, says the Online Shopping and Credit Crunch Survey Report conducted in the UK by E-consultancy, Logan Todd and ImmediateFuture. Some 64% of respondents surveyed said they would reduce their spending generally in view of the deteriorating economic climate, but 56% said that their online spending would not be affected - or would actually increase.


Consumers are turning online to find the best available prices as well as advice, the study found. Search is playing a large part in how they find their data.


One of the most cost effective ways for a business to make product information, special deals, reviews and advice available is to RSS- enable their web content and send it out in news feed. And apart from making the content easily available, RSS feeds can also boost SEO and search visibility.


Although most people think of RSS as an inherent part of blogs, any web content can be syndicated in an RSS feed. In fact, many of the social web applications that facilitate customer dialog run on RSS. Google's SEO starter guide says that exclusive, fresh and relevant content is by far the most important factor in search ranking, so creating excellent content and syndicating it in RSS feeds can reach a wider audience and build back links, another important part of search visibility.

RSS is being used in many industries to open dialog and keep customers, vendors, supporters, donors and other stakeholders notified of current information.

“Since Google changed their search format to Universal Search every business needs to have optimized digital assets in many formats,” says Sally Falkow, President and co-founder of PRESSfeed, a leading RSS and social media tool. “Creating and syndicating this content makes all the difference to your RSS and SEO strategy. Feeds get seen by the search engines and signal them that there is fresh content available.”

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