INC 5000 Food and Beverage Social Media Adoption and Integration

INC 5000 Food and Beverage Social Media Adoption and Integration

Core Facts

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The INC 500|5000 list identifies fast-growing privately companies with a bright future.  This year PRESSfeed undertook a research project to investigate how these companies are adopting and using social media.

Key findings:

Overall list - the adoption of social media is growing rapidly

Facebook                                       82%

Twitter                                             65%

Blog                                                 52%

YouTube Channel                         48%

Online Newsroom                        69%

However, only 62% of the companies active in social media are integrating their social content with their webites.

According to industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group, this should be one of the top concerns for businesses in 2011.

A recent report from Pew Research states that while news search was the one factor that impacted the news industry in the last decade, sharing news conent will be the game-changer in the next decade 

Yet only a handful of companies on this list connect their social content to their newsroom  (32%) and even less make it posible for visitors to share that content with others. (11%)

Food and Beverage Category

Adoption and use of Facebook and Twitter are higher in the Food and Beverage category, while fewer are blogging and using videos..

Facebook                      89%

Twitter                            75%

Blog                                35% 

YouTube Channel        32%

Newsroom                    72% 

It is interesting to note that the Food and Beverage companies at the top of the list are more active in social media and integrate their social content better than those lower down the list.

In general the integration of social content with the website is a bit better in this category - 66%. However,  encouraging sharing and making it possible to 'like' and tweet right from the site is at just 14%.

While a slightly  higher percentage have an online newsroom (72%) there is a vast gap between their social content and their company  news content.  Only 37% connect their social content to their newsroom and a mere 13% offer tools to share the news. 

Missed Opportunity

Pew Research points out that when a visitor leaves a news page the most frequently clicked link is the Share button. Not making it possible to share their news content is an opportunity that is being squandered by these companies.

The Changing Face of Journalism

Media editorial staffs are at least a third smaller than they were five years ago.  Journalists are expected to cover more stories and beats. 77% of journalists polled recently said they also contribute to a blog or website.  They need sources and experts. They need story ideas.  They need images, graphics and videos to support those stories.

The 2011 PwR Journalists Survey shows that

  • 88% want images with a news release
  • 35% want vidoes with a release
  • For the first time this year 31% asked for embed codes with visual material provided with a release.

Only 18% of the Food and Beverage conpaieson the INC 500 | 5000 list have an image gallery in their newsroom, 11% have a video gallery and a scant 2% offer embed codes!

New Media Relations

Companies that want media coverage need to provide these digital assets and tools that journalists need in a way that is easy to find and use.

The discrepancy between what the public wants from a company's website and what journalists are looking for online, and what these companies are providing leaves a lot of room for improvement.


PRESSfeed is hosting a webinar on these research results and how to apply the integration of social content to a website and an online newsroom on May 26th at 10 am Pacific time.

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INC 5000 infographic

INC 5000 infographic

Social media adoption and integration of the INC 5000 Food and Beverage companies


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It is encouraging to see that the Food and Beverage sector ot the INC 500|5000 are embracing social media. However, they are missing one of the biggest opportunities in social media - the ability to share news content.."  Sally Falkow  President, PRESSfeed, the social media newsroom

"Journalists are asking for images and videos, and for the firstitme thisyear, the polls show that 31% asked for embed codes with the digital assets.  Companies need to make these tools available to journalists and bloggers."  Sally Falkow

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PRESSfeed is a turn-key social media newsroom solution that allows PR and marketing professionals to quickly and easily publish news content in social media format.  They can share images and videos with journalists and give them embed codes so they can instantly republish that content. Itt offers visitors the option to share the news content with friends and colleagues..

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