PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey

PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey

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Pasadena, CA.  August 8, 2012 --  The PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey results highlight the fact that many PR practitioners are missing opportunities for media coverage because they are not supplying features that the media need and want. Technology has changed the way the media finds, gathers and reports the news but corporate newsroom have not kept pace with these changes.

The questions in the survey were based on information journalists had provided in other studies where they identified features and tools most interesting and useful to the media today.  The purpose of the survey was to establish how well PR practitioners are responding to the rapidly changing media landscape and the needs of digital journalists and bloggers.

The study showed some major disparities between what journalists and bloggers want and what corporate newsrooms provide.  Two results were most significant: the gap around the need for visual material with news content and the lack of optimizing news content for search engines.

Adding Visuals to News Content


Images                  80%                                                                        26% 

Video                    75%                                                                        43%

Embed Codes        76%                                                                        28%                                                       

86% of media websites use images and video with a story.  Journalists and bloggers regard images with news as very important and say it significantly improves the chance of them using that content in a story.  They expect to find images readily available in a company newsroom.  

More than a year ago a PR Newswire study clearly showed that adding visual elements to a release can increase views by as much as 77%.  Yet when asked what features journalists and bloggers think are important only 4% of PR people said they thought images were very important,  22% said they were important and just over half (56%) of the respondents routinely add images to their press releases.

When asked why they don’t add images 39% said they thought it was not necessary, 7% said they don’t know how and 54% said they do not have the resources to produce visual content

Video is another area of disparity.  Media websites, and as a result journalists, are eager for video content. People want to see the news, not just read about it.  Local newspapers are hiring video journalists  Southern California Public Radio is leveraging the power of Pinterest to spread their video coverage of the news.

Only 10% of media websites used externally produced video in 2011 and that figure has jumped to 30% this year.  Only 43% of survey respondents said they think video is important to journalists and just 38% think they should have a video gallery in their newsroom.  Two thirds of Fortune 100 companies have a video gallery, but only 28% of the Fortune 500 has one and a paltry 8% of INC 500 companies offer video in their newsrooms.

Optimizing News Content for Search

Pew Research stated in their 2011 State of the News Media Report that searching for news content is the one factor that most impacted the news industry in the last decade.  Reporters use search engines to find sources and stories ideas.  76% of internet users get their news online.  comScore reports that In February 2012, U.S. searchers conducted 371 million news-related searches on search engines and noted that the search behavior differs when on a web search versus a news search.   Yet a study of 500 press releases posted on four major wire services showed that only 14% of the releases were optimized for search.

Download the full report to see all the questions and results and to see the PRESSfeed recommendations for how to take advantage of the PR opportunities presented by these gaps. >>


PRESSfeed is hosting a free webinar on August 15, 2012 at 10 am Pacific 1 pm Eastern to discuss the implications of these results  Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed and a Sr. Fellow with the Society of New Communcation Research and JIm Brady, former Editor in Chief for the Washington Post and currently Editor in Chief of Digital First Media, will explore the gaps and opportunities in digital media relations.

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PRESSfeed 2012 Study of Company Online Newsrooms

PRESSfeed 2012 Study of Company Online Newsrooms

In 2012 PRESSfeed studied the online newsrooms of 300 companies to see what features they offer the media in their newsrooms.


PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsrooms and Media Relations Survey Results part 1

PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsrooms and Media Relations Survey Results part 1

The 2012 PRESSfeed Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey shows that there is a gap between what journalists need and want and what PR people and corporate newsrooms currently provide with their news content. Download the full poster of the infographic at


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"Technology has radically changed the media landscape. Journalists and bloggers are looking for interesting content, but you have to provide it in the format they want,make it easy to find and give them the tools to use it with just a couple of clicks."  Sally Falkow, President, PRESSfeed

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The PRESSfeed hosted online newsroom helps our clients stay ahead in the rapidly moving digital landscape with social features and integration, as well as the elements journalists, bloggers and the public expect in a corporate newsroom today.

We offer initial training in how to use the newsroom, we have the News Optimization Toolbar with full instructions on how to optimize news releases, images and video for search.  We also offer monthly training webinars for our clients to keep them informed about the latest technology, trends and tools.

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