Enterprise RSS feed service solves IT security issues

Enterprise RSS feed service solves IT security issues

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The fact that marketing, PR and IT have different priorities when it comes to web content has long been a thorny issue.

At the 2005 Web Metrics Summit the need to bridge this gap was identified as one of the major issues in an organization, but as the use of RSS feeds as a content delivery vehicle for marketing and PR messages accelerates, this gap is only widening.

A new enterprise RSS service solves this problem. PRESSfeed has developed a hosted version of their service, which allows marketing and PR people to create RSS feeds, publish content to their website and place it in the feeds themselves. The content is on a section of the site that is hosted by PRESSfeed, but the look and feel of the web pages is fully integrated with the corporate website.

This enterprise RSS version means that any organization, no matter the security and firewall issues, can create an RSS feed, add content to their site and distribute it across the internet.

Now the marketing and PR folk can use RSS without relying on IT or a webmaster. “The enterprise version alleviates the legitimate security concerns of the IT department in organizations,” says Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed. “We understand that they do not want to allow outsiders to access their website. This is a win-win solution. We give control of their content to the marketing and PR people and preserve the security of the website.”

Adoption rates of RSS feeds is climbing rapidly and more and more companies are looking for viable solutions to enable their web content with a feed. There are many services that will allow you to put your existing content into a feed, but few that enable you to add content to your website and distribute it securely across the web. This new version of PRESSfeed does both.

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