Media Relations Trends for 2013

Media Relations Trends for 2013

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Sally Falkow, President and co-developer of the PRESSfeed social online newsroom talks with Rebecca Lieb, media analyst with Altimeter Group and author of Content Marketing, Think LIke a Publisher, about the 5 media trends that PR practitioners should include in their strategic planning to increase their earned media coverage in 2013:


5 Digital Media Relations Strategies for 2013

  1. Visual Storytelling - Studies show that adding visuals to a text story increases views and engagement by as much as 9x.
  2. Become a resource for the media - newsrooms are under pressure and are working with limited resources. Offer experts, research and visual material to expand and enhance a story.
  3. Brand journalism - tell your own stories using blogs, mini-sites and industry news sites.
  4. A smart distribution plan - an email to a few journalists and placing your news release on the wire is not enough.  Build a network of influencers who will give your content legs.
  5. A social online newsroom - House all your content and run it like apublishing exercise. It's a venue for editors and community managers to collaborate, curate and syndicate your news content.

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At PRESSfeed we help our clients stay ahead in the rapidly moving digital media landscape. PRESSfeed is a hosted online newsroom with social features and integration, as well as the elements journalists, bloggers and the public expect in a corporate newsroom today. We offer initial training in how to use the newsroom to improve your media relations.

We do monthly training webinars for our clients to keep them informed about the latest technology and media relations trends and tools.

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