The Power of Visual Content in Digital PR and Social Media

The Power of Visual Content in Digital PR and Social Media

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“Visual information reigns supreme, from video to images to infographics. Overwhelmingly, marketers plan to add more video to content marketing initiatives, necessitating increased investment in both technology and production resources. Marketers’ confidence in and reliance on content marketing is beginning to diminish their reliance on print and broadcast advertising, as well as public relations.”    Altimeter Group: Content, the new marketing equation 

Several reports and studies have focused on the power of visual content - here are some of the key findings:

  • Adding multimedia assets can help garner as much as 9.7x more views than text-only press releases (PR Newswire)
  • 44% of people will engage more with content that includes visuals - images.videos  (ROI Research)
  • Brands are moving away from text-only content to visual content (Altimeter Group)
  • Photos in a Facebook post get 54% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post. (Facebook)
  • Photos out perform text by 91% on Twitter

In this one-hour webinar video Sally Falkow (APR) and Lisa Buyer, CEO of The Buyer Group and Search Engine Watch blogger, discuss:

  1. The power of visual content
  2. Why it is so important to use images, graphics and video with your digital PR and social content.
  3. Using analytics to determine the effect of your visual content
  4. The use of images in Facebook, PInterest and Twitter
  5. The rise of video online
  6. The social-creative online newsroom model - how and where to house your content for best results.

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At PRESSfeed we help our clients stay ahead in the rapidly moving digital media landscape. PRESSfeed is a hosted online newsroom with social features and integration, as well as the elements journalists, bloggers and the public expect in a corporate newsroom today. We offer initial training in how to use the newsroom to improve your media relations. Our News OptimizationToolbar offers full instructions on how to optimize news releases, images and video for search. We do monthly training webinars for our clients to keep them informed about the latest technology and media relations trends and tools.

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