Hosted Enterprise RSS Feeds Make Marketing Use Simple

Hosted Enterprise RSS Feeds Make Marketing Use Simple

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According to surveys RSS is now used by 4 – 6% of the US population. Add to that the fact that another 30% are using it without even being aware of the technology and the numbers become quite significant. As Dave Winer sagely says, “The benefit of new technology is what matters, not that people know the details of how the technology works.”

Marketers for the most part are not techies and they are looking for a really simple solution to create RSS Feeds, in order to deliver content the way people want to receive it.

What IT folk want is a system that does not interfere with their firewall and security. The new enterprise hosted version of PRESSfeed meets both requirements. It is hosted on a secure server, but the news pages or press room look as though they are a seamless part of the website. And as the feed is on a subdomain of the website, the company reaps all the SEO benefit.

Savvy marketers are publishing their news content in RSS feeds and watching their traffic soar. With the new PRESSfeed version even sites with stringent security requirements can take advantage of this new marketing tool

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