RSS Feeds Raise Search Engine Visibility

RSS Feeds Raise Search Engine Visibility

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BTI Communications Group is a business communication and telephony provider. In the last year they have had a flood of competition large VoIP corporations with much greater visibility and resources.

Using blogs and RSS feeds they achieved #1 search engine rankings for their most important keywords, such as voip solution provider and voip small business on Google. While their larger competitors are investing in Pay-Per-Click search engine campaigns, the BTI Communications Group is achieving top search engine positions for free.

In 2004 the Voice Over IP market exploded. New players rushed into the market and an ever-increasing amount of marketing material and content was created every day.

As a result, IP phone shipments experienced a 43 percent growth rate in 2004 alone. (In-stat/MDR) BTI Communications found themselves with no visibility on the Internet in the VoIP space and a rapidly changing market place. With large corporations with deep pockets entering the arena, BTI had to find a way to increase their visibility on a small budget.

BTI chose to be innovative and start a corporate blog with RSS feeds. With a budget of less than $4000 a month this blog has built up over 120 page-one search results on important industry search terms, increaed the traffic to their corproate website by over 70 percent and are now implementing a lead capturing campaign with specific landing pages for the traffic generated by the RSS feeds.

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