MSN/Yahoo! Taking RSS Seriously

MSN/Yahoo! Taking RSS Seriously

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In his keynote speech at the Syndicate Conference in New York City, MSN Director Phil Holden said MSN is determined to make RSS (Really Simple Syndication) friendly to the everyday Web user.

MSN and Yahoo! recently got together to integrate syndication technology into online services. My MSN has already made a start by aggregating feeds on personalised home pages and by testing a Web-based RSS Aggregator. Yahoo! has done the same. You can read feeds in the personalized My Yahoo! pages.

The Yahoo!Publisher's Guide to RSS gives a no-brainer step-by-step walk through on how to use and promote feeds using Yahoo. "In the last month we've seen a marked increase in companies interested in adding feeds to their site content - as separate from blog content," said Joel Morris, Technical Director of PRESSfeed, a content and RSS syndication service.

"Our agency partners are getting requests from clients about how they can use RSS to increase their search engine visibility and reach a wider audience," says Morris. "MSN and Yahoo! getting into RSS so strongly will definitely give RSS adoption a boost."

As the year progresses, MSN plans to integrate the technology into more of their online services. "Our goal is in making consumer adoption and consumption of RSS easier," Holden said "We will literally put RSS and syndication in many, many places."

About PRESSfeed

PRESSfeed is a RSS and content syndication service that allows a web owner or marketing executive to upload news content directly to the website and syndicate it in RSS feeds so that they reach a wider audience and increase their search engine visibility.

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