RSS feeds are all about the content

RSS feeds are all about the content

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There is a lot of hype around RSS feeds right now. RSS is touted as the 'cure-all' for web marketing woes. However RSS feeds, along with blogs and websites, depend for their success on several factors.

One is the technical specs of the delivery vehicle. Another is the promotion of that vehicle so people can find it. And still the most important factor is the content. Yes, content is still King. People come to websites for the content. They read blogs because of the content. They subscribe to a feed because they want to keep reading what you write. They read it because it's entertaining or useful, it gives them info they are looking for and can't find elsewhere. Building up an audience that consistently reads your blog, or your articles in an RSS feed, is a great marketing advantage. It creates a profile for the author of the feed, raises your search engine visibility and increases brand perception.

Richard MacManus says it all in his post at Read/Write Web The delivery vehicle does make a difference. Good content on a static web page may never get found or read. An RSS feed slapped onto a website with no updated content will not bring you traffic or build an audience. But writing excellent content that attracts an audience and putting that into an RSS feed - ah! now you're talking!

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