Marketers see RSS use growing as spam reaches ridiculous numbers

Marketers see RSS use growing as spam reaches ridiculous numbers

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Jeff Bates, executive editor at Slashdot, says more than 80 percent of the email he gets is spam.

That sounds about right. Most inboxes are deluged with content we don’t want, have no use for and delete without opening. Predictions are that 95 percent of all e-mail will be spam by mid-2006, says Bates in this DM News article.

Spammers put unique codes into the images, so if you even look at the message, they can match that code with your e-mail address and add your address as a verified account. Once that happens your spam email will get even worse.

So as marketers, how can we get legit information to our customers – content they really do want? Like a good newsletter, or notification of events, new product announcements or tech updates. And if it is relevant content, they really do want to get it.

According to the Ponemon survey done this year on consumer levels of credibility and trust, they do indeed want to hear from companies they do business with – they just want to be in control of how they get the messages and only receive things they find relevant.

Now’s that’s not a big surprise. Why would anyone want irrelevant and annoying data forced down their inbox by spammers?

"Savvy users have migrated to Really Simple Syndication feeds to get information important to them," says Bates. An RSS feed is something you choose to subscribe to and it does not go through your email. No spam in your inbox.

Like TiVO, with RSS you choose what content you want, and when to read it. Now that RSS is a part of Yahoo and MSN, Firefox and Safari, many users don’t even know they are using RSS. With an RSS reader you control your incoming content.

That’s the reason readers want RSS. Offering your content in an RSS format has several advantages for savvy marketers too.

Using RSS marketing you stay top of mind, it delivers your news content directly to your reader's computer without being a part of the spam deluge, it makes your content available to wider audiences and it also gives you better ranking in the search engines. If ever there was a win/win marketing method, RSS is it.

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