Measuring RSS important to online marketing

Measuring RSS important to online marketing

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Any business with a website should be keeping a close eye on their stats.

And it's no different with RSS Feeds. You need to know how successful your feeds and your content are. You can only know this when you use web analytics.

Expansion Plus, one of the online PR agencies partnering with PRESSfeed, assists clients to add RSS feeds to their website to broaden the reach of their message.

Their own RSS feed is now the number one entry page and traffic generator on their website. RSS usage has been growing steadily over the last six months.

Samys Camera, an E+ client, added feeds to their website in July. The first month they had 1500 visitors and it grew by leaps and bounds to over 17,000 in November.

RSS boosts your online marketing efforts and increases your search engine visibility.

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