PRESSfeed News : SEO

PRESSfeed News : SEO

SEO-PR is our first strategic partner
Companies using optimized press releases need to upload and syndicate their content. SEO PR partners with PRESSfeed as their RSS provider

Content Syndication In RSS Feeds Boosts SEO Rankings
Brilliant Blue and PRESSfeed combine their SEO PR expertise to give clients the benefit of syndication

Content syndication builds good organic search engine optimization
RSS is powering online PR techniques that raise search ranking and brand awareness We are living in an attention economy - in an over-communicated world getting the attention of your audience is paramount. Until you have their attention you are not able to deliver your message. A content syndication strategy can get this valuable attention - it can boost your search engine rankings and attract qualified visitors to your website.

Content Syndication - RSS Is A Powerful SEO Strategy
Content syndication is the next big thing in SEO. Even the Google engineers acknowledge that tweaking your tags and on-page elements are not as important as having good content and a reputation in your community.

RSS, Content Syndication and Search - Part Six
Success in online marketing depends in to a large extent on being found in the search engines. And getting good organic search ranking (natural placements on a search results page, not the paid listings) is getting harder all the time.Content syndication using RSS is one easy and effective way to build one-way inbound links and raise your search rankings.

News feeds as an SEO Strategy
the News Feed and SEO panel at SES Chicago will be about how to syndicate web content - news, updates, tips etc - to increase search visibility

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