PRESSfeed News : blog

PRESSfeed News : blog

RSS Feeds Raise Search Engine Visibility
While their larger competitors are investing in Pay-Per-Click search engine campaigns, the BTI Communications Group is achieving top positions in the natural search results.

What's the difference between PRESSfeed and a blog?
Blogs have exploded on the Internet in the past two years. What started out as a personal journal online has evolved into a sophisticated marketing tool. But an online newsroom is just as important. News content in an RSS feed can give you many of the benefits of blogging without the constraints.

Travel Operators Take to Social Media
Many travel companies aren't just dipping their toes tentatively into the social media waters, they're investing full-throttle in a multi-faceted social media strategy.

PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey
The 2012 PRESSfeed survey shows PR practitioners are out of sync with digital media needs. Many companies are not providing the content and digital tools journalists find most useful.

Media Relations Next Practices - Media Panel
The media panel at the PR News Media Relations Next Practices Summit held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. gave the audience insights into how they could work with the media in 2013.

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