PRESSfeed News : create rss feed

PRESSfeed News : create rss feed

SEO-PR is our first strategic partner
Companies using optimized press releases need to upload and syndicate their content. SEO PR partners with PRESSfeed as their RSS provider

Content Syndication In RSS Feeds Boosts SEO Rankings
Brilliant Blue and PRESSfeed combine their SEO PR expertise to give clients the benefit of syndication

User Friendly RSS feed buttons reach a wider audience
Business owners and media publishers are seeing rapid growth of RSS subscriptions. reports that their RSS traffic is "rising month after month by orders of magnitude", even though they are barely promoting their RSS feeds.

Hosted Enterprise RSS Feeds Make Marketing Use Simple
As RSS adoption grows more and more companies are turning to RSS to deliver marketing and PR messages.

RSS and Content Syndication: Part Two
How RSS Feeds Can Benefit Your Business If you do a search for RSS and marketing in either Yahoo News or the blog and feed search engine Technorati, you'll very soon realize just how fast the use of RSS is growing, Here are just a few of the comments made recently in the mainstream media and blogs:

RSS and Content Syndication Part Three - RSS Strategy
Internet Marketing is moving away from traditional search engine tactics - search engine optimization and page rankings are no longer so dependent on meta tags and on-page elements. Content syndication using an RSS feeds can increase your search engine visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website. But to get results, you must start with a sound RSS strategy.

RSS and Content Syndication Part Four: Categorizing Content
Now that you have a strategy for your RSS feeds, let's take a look at what content you might like to syndicate. Start by listing the target audiences you want to deliver your content to via RSS. Each of your audiences has different content needs, resulting in different groups of RSS feeds that need to be created.

Social Media, Content Syndication and RSS Feeds: Part Five
Making your content part of Web 2.0. Now that your content is organized and distributed, use the syndication power of social media sites to get more visibility and more traffic.

Enterprise RSS a focal point for employee information
Enterprise RSS is poised to become the focal point that employees turn to for information, eclipsing individual aggregators plus systems such as portals, intranets, and enterprise applications

Enterprise RSS Blog Gets a FacelIft
PRESSfeed, the enterprise RSS content syndication tool created for PR and marketing professionals, re-launched its Enterprise RSS blog today

Creating RSS feeds a popular SEO tactic
The SEO through blogs and feeds was one of the best attended session at SES New York City 2007

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