Digital PR : content

Digital PR : content

Digital PR - Are You Ready to be a Publisher?
Although content marketing refers to a broad spectrum of connected activity, from the creation of content and editorial processes, through to social media activity, search engine optimization and digital PR, content marketing is now seen as an emerging discipline in its own right by the majority of marketers. but only 38% have a content strategy.

2013 Online Newsroom Checklist
Use this checklist of features and tools to evaluate your online newsroom. With the emphasis on visual storytelling and content marketing in 2013 your online newsroom has become a vital component of the strategy..

Working with the Media - Increasing Earned Mentions
As the media landscape continues to change and traditional media has to adapt to the demand for visual content online, there is a major opportunity for brands to work with the media and get more coverage.

Digital Newsroom Strategy - Webinar Video
Big brands like Coke, Nike and Marks and Spencer have already launched magazine-style digital newsrooms with content that appeals to both the public and the media. Can a small to mid-sized business with fewer resources do this?

How Content Marketing & Digital PR Affect Your Business
It's much more cost-effective to capture your customers' attention through great content -- content they find valuable and actively engage with-- than trying to grab hold of their attention via traditional advertising or PR campaigns.

Social Intelligence -The Right Sequence for Success
Many businesses miss the value of gathering social intelligence. There's a goldmine of data you can, and should, tap into before you create any content.

Google, Trust and SEO
Now that social signals, reviews and other content is being incorporated into the search algorithms Google is very keen to know who is posting the content and whether you are a known and trusted source.

Owned vs Earned Links in Press Releases
Google has reclassified their "link scheme' rules and they included links in press releases. Google now categorizes a press release as an advertisement.

PR Also Experiencing Digital Distress
Digital marketing and social media is moving too fast to have a formal playbook that works and many teams are being built on the fly out of necessity, not prior expertise.

Media Relations Strategies That Work
Over 90 percent of all media websites now use video and journalists are expected to include images and video with stories, wherever possible. While this demand places even more pressure on the newsrooms, it opens the door to opportunities for businesses and organizations

Multimedia with Press Releases Gets More Views and Engagement
Every so often we hear that press releases are dead. Just recently the Google updates about treating press releases as advertisements had PR folk jittery once again.

SEO: The Most Underused PR Skill & Strategy
The 2015 Media Trends and Online Newsrooms report revealed that a decade after SEO for content was first introduced, only 26% of US companies and organizations are optimizing their branded content for search engines.

Media Relations in the Age of Smartphone Reporting
Now that we are in the age of smartphone reporting, with reporters and bloggers always on the go and on their mobile devices, it's more important than ever for companies and organizations to prepare their news content so that it can be found in mobile search.

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