Digital PR : newsroom

Digital PR : newsroom

Keeping Your Newsroom Relevant in the Web 2.0 World
Research shows that journalists and bloggers want to be able to find your social content and your news content in a hub on your website. Your online newsroom is the perfect place to house this content.

CVB Websites and Online Newsrooms Lack Social Media Features
Travel and destination marketers are fast realizing that search and social media play an increasingly important role in their success. Although 85% of CVBs use at least one form of social media, there is a big gap in the integration of these social channels with their websites and newsrooms and the tendency of people researching travel information to share content.

Getting Your News Content into the News and Search Engines
The demand for news content is pushing brands to become publishers. That means that their PR department needs to operate like a newsroom. And they also have to make all content visible to search engines.On demand webinar.

Social Media News Release Template Step-by-Step Guide
The majority of journalists are using social media and say that although they rely on PR content now more than ever, they need it in a new form: a social media news release with multimedia assets to support the story.

Google's Algorithm Update a Boon for Savvy PR Pros
Google's major algorithm update, confirmed this week by Amit Singhal of Google, makes content, news and social responses the big winners in search visibility. A great holiday gift for PR pros wise enough to take full advantage of this update.

Social Media News Release Webinar with Step- by Step Guide
As social media gains acceptance as a standard marketing and PR activity, PR folk are eager to learn how to use the social media news release format requested by bloggers and journalists.

Digital PR Requires Good Writing Skiils
Whether you do traditional or digital PR good writing remains a core competency. And there are other new skills you need in your PR resume today.

Best Practices for an Online Newsroom - Evaluation Checklist
As the news and media landscape continues to shift, PR practitioners have to stay abreast of the latest trends. Usability guru Jakob Nielsen says corporate websites rate only a "D" in PR. Find out what the best practices for an online newsroom are today.

Press Releases Still First Choice for Journalists
Text 100 survey shows press releases are still the number one choice of journalists for corporate news. Use social media to find and contact the journalists and enhance your press releases with multimedia content.

The Business Case for a Hosted Online Newsroom
Our recent research shows that the majority of companies in the US and UK are not offering all the new media features and tools that bloggers and journalists prefer. Here are main reasons a hosted online newsroom makes good business sense.

Can PR Earn an A+ in the Digital Age?
Back in 2001 usability expert Jakob Nielsen said corporate America gets a 'D' in PR because our online newsrooms were not delivering what journalists needed. Have we improved? What grade would we get in 2012?

2012 Online Newsroom Survey Highlights Gaps in Digital PR Practices
How people find and consume the news has changed dramatically in the last five years. Dealing with the media is one of the core techniques of PR, so we have to keep pace with these changes and offer journalists and bloggers what they need in the digital age.

How to Get an A+ in Digital PR - webinar
Online newsrooms are gaining in importance for journalists, bloggers, analysts, investors and the public. It is the one place on a company's website where they expect to find the latest news, and they also expect to find easy-to-use tools to help them to republish the content they find there. In this webinar we cover what should be in an online newsroom today, how the features work and why you ought to have them.

Digital PR - Are You Ready to be a Publisher?
Although content marketing refers to a broad spectrum of connected activity, from the creation of content and editorial processes, through to social media activity, search engine optimization and digital PR, content marketing is now seen as an emerging discipline in its own right by the majority of marketers. but only 38% have a content strategy.

The Collaborative Digital PR and Media Relations Model - Webinar Video
One way to improve your digital PR and get more earned media is to work with journalists and bloggers on a story. Connect them with other sources and help them access research data. Help them develop multimedia enhance the story.

2013 Online Newsroom Checklist
Use this checklist of features and tools to evaluate your online newsroom. With the emphasis on visual storytelling and content marketing in 2013 your online newsroom has become a vital component of the strategy..

The Changing Digital PR and Media Landscape
Remember the days when we read the newspaper over a cup of coffee every morning and watched the evening news on TV? We were quite happy to get our news just once a day. That's no longer the case. The digital PR and media landscape has evolved. Now we expect to see eye-witness accounts of events as they are occurring. This appetite for instant visual news has changed the way news is gathered, reported and consumed.

Crisis Plans - The Need for Communications
Whether the crisis you experience is one as violent and shocking as Sandy Hook or Aurora, or an act of nature like Sandy or Isaac, in addition to dealing with all the devastation, chaos, loss and grief you will also be expected to deal with the hordes of media looking for information.

10 Basic Reports to Master in Google Analytics
Every business and PR agency, or PR department in a company, should be able to read and understand these basic Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics is a very easy to use program that can help you track content and see if it is working.

Digital Newsroom Strategy - Webinar Video
Big brands like Coke, Nike and Marks and Spencer have already launched magazine-style digital newsrooms with content that appeals to both the public and the media. Can a small to mid-sized business with fewer resources do this?

Why Brands are Adopting the Digital Newsroom Approach
When the media or the public find a piece of content in social media they’re likely to follow a link back to your site. If all your content is not available there, it’s unlikely they will go trolling social media for more content.

Owned vs Earned Links in Press Releases
Google has reclassified their "link scheme' rules and they included links in press releases. Google now categorizes a press release as an advertisement.

Media Relations in the Age of Smartphone Reporting
Now that we are in the age of smartphone reporting, with reporters and bloggers always on the go and on their mobile devices, it's more important than ever for companies and organizations to prepare their news content so that it can be found in mobile search.

Why an Online News Hub is Google Panda Food
Google's latest Panda update focuses on high-quality, authoritative and original content that is updated regularly. A good online news hub that contains rich content about your brand meets all the criteria for great Google rankings.

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