Digital PR : press release

Digital PR : press release

Social Media News Release Webinar with Step- by Step Guide
As social media gains acceptance as a standard marketing and PR activity, PR folk are eager to learn how to use the social media news release format requested by bloggers and journalists.

Digital PR Requires Good Writing Skiils
Whether you do traditional or digital PR good writing remains a core competency. And there are other new skills you need in your PR resume today.

Press Releases Still First Choice for Journalists
Text 100 survey shows press releases are still the number one choice of journalists for corporate news. Use social media to find and contact the journalists and enhance your press releases with multimedia content.

Owned vs Earned Links in Press Releases
Google has reclassified their "link scheme' rules and they included links in press releases. Google now categorizes a press release as an advertisement.

Multimedia with Press Releases Gets More Views and Engagement
Every so often we hear that press releases are dead. Just recently the Google updates about treating press releases as advertisements had PR folk jittery once again.

How to Write a Press Release in 2015
Press releases have been a core part of the practice of PR for more than 100 years. But changes in technology and search algorithm have changed the way they are written.

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