Digital PR : seo

Digital PR : seo

Google's Algorithm Update a Boon for Savvy PR Pros
Google's major algorithm update, confirmed this week by Amit Singhal of Google, makes content, news and social responses the big winners in search visibility. A great holiday gift for PR pros wise enough to take full advantage of this update.

Google, Trust and SEO
Now that social signals, reviews and other content is being incorporated into the search algorithms Google is very keen to know who is posting the content and whether you are a known and trusted source.

Owned vs Earned Links in Press Releases
Google has reclassified their "link scheme' rules and they included links in press releases. Google now categorizes a press release as an advertisement.

SEO: The Most Underused PR Skill & Strategy
The 2015 Media Trends and Online Newsrooms report revealed that a decade after SEO for content was first introduced, only 26% of US companies and organizations are optimizing their branded content for search engines.

Why an Online News Hub is Google Panda Food
Google's latest Panda update focuses on high-quality, authoritative and original content that is updated regularly. A good online news hub that contains rich content about your brand meets all the criteria for great Google rankings.

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